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Cake with orange cream

Cake with orange cream

Separate the egg whites, whipping them with a pinch of salt. Add the sugar and continue beating until it reaches the consistency of a thicker cream. Add the yolks, then the melted butter, cold. Mix the flour with the cocoa powder and the baking powder and add them in the rain over the egg composition. Mix with a wooden spoon, from bottom to top, lightly, until smooth. Pour the composition into a form lined with baking paper and put it in the preheated oven, on the right heat until the toothpick test passes. When it is ready, let it cool, then cut it into 3 slices horizontally.

For the syrup boil water with sugar. After a few boils, take it down, put the grated orange peel, then, after it has cooled, the orange juice. Drain the orange peels before syruping the cake.

For the cream mix the yolks with the sugar until it doubles in volume, add the warm wine, stirring in one, then put it on low heat. Stir continuously until the cream thickens. Moisturize gelatin in orange juice. Put a tablespoon of hot cream in the gelatin, mix vigorously, then add the gelatin in the cream, homogenize the cream. Lower the bowl, put it with the bottom in cold water and stir until it cools. When cold, mix with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

Place the cake in the bowl the way it was baked. Put food foil, then alternate the slices of cake syruped with cream, the last layer being cream. Let the cake cool for 2 hours. When the cream has hardened well, take it out on a plate, dress it in the icing made of melted chocolate in a bain-marie with liquid cream, then decorate it with orange slices or according to everyone's imagination.